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A few days back I was walking in my local market engrossed, looking out for some typical seasonal vegetables when I felt a hand very gently tapping my shoulder and I curiously turned around hoping to see a familiar face….  But in front of me stood a young girl who I had never met before.

She had a meek smile on her face and she questioned me “Aren’t you Smita Deo?” and after I had said a yes, she introduced herself and said she has been following me on Facebook and watching my shows as well. I was delighted to hear that and I was about to end the conversation and move on, when she very softly held my hand and said, that she saw an interview of mine on TV, talking about mental health and then she actually started talking to me about something that she suffers from.

It was very disturbing to hear, she was recently diagnosed with a condition (that’s treatable) and was just married a year back. Coping with issues in an arranged marriage was anyways not easy and now to top it all this whole new condition to deal with was going hard on her, her spouse and the rest of the family as well.

She was painfully talking about her bouts of depression, sometimes anxiety and when she would turn violent how her family thought she was mad or may be even possessed. I was surprised that even in this age and time people think this way. Well, we both stood on a road for the next 10 min where she spoke and I simply heard her.

She said she had done a course on fashion designing and was married off right after the course had ended and within a few months of marriage she was experiencing, bouts of depression and anxiety. The next few months went about not understanding what the hell was going on and people around her giving their own diagnoses to her condition.

I have always been bewildered with the fact that in certain health situations most people around us become doctors themselves giving their two bits. Anyway this women went through the same, till she was confused, frustrated and her condition worsened and her spouse and in laws could not handle it and sent her back to her parents home and opted for a divorce instead of understanding the situation and seeking the right help. Surprisingly I was not surprised on hearing this as I always feel that many of us are not aware of mental health and wellbeing and also care less about it.

Well after spending some time with her on a street and hearing her story I realized how important it was for her to talk to someone and feel that she is not the only one going through an issue. I have always believed that speaking always helps

So as of now she has chosen to take medical help for her condition…. She is still not confident of starting her life afresh but I am sure she will soon as I feel once you have accepted the problem … you can be treated and then there is no looking back to feeling better ….

And at the end of our heart, felt conversation I just said to her what I had heard when I was struggling with my condition “ THERE IS ALWAYS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL

2 thoughts on “At the end of a tunnel there is always light

  1. Hi Smita
    It was so sad to hear the whole story I sincerely hope one day she will recover fully n start her new life again God has made you a channel to help her May Al mighty give you the courage and strength to lead her in a right way
    I too see your recipes on FB and try them too we are all strangers to each other in this big big fast world , you are pretty and have a heart of Gold
    Love Telma Pinto

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